10 Cars With The Highest Death Rate

If you’re on the lookout for a new vehicle, then be sure to research the safety standards of available manufacturers. Some are obviously safer than others, but numbers are still too high even as your overall chances of a deadly accident have gone down. Here are the ten cars with the highest likelihood of fatality in the event of an accident.

  1. Beware of the Kia Rio. Even though your new car is tiny, it has the highest rate of being involved in accidents with multiple other vehicles. On top of that, there are 149 deaths for every million registered vehicle years.
  2. The Nissan Versa sedan suffers from 130 deaths for every million years, and although drivers experience fewer crashes involving more than one vehicle, your chances of getting into a single car accident are actually higher. You also have an extraordinary chance of rolling over during an accident.
  3. If you own a 4-door Hyundai Accent mini, you’re slightly less likely to be involved in a fatal accident–the rate falls to 120 deaths per million years. The rate of multiple or single vehicle crashes is moderate, as is the number of rollovers.
  4. The Chevrolet Aveo experiences 99 driver deaths per million years, and a high number of accidents with multiple other vehicles involved.
  5. The 2-door Hyundai Accent mini is slightly safer than it’s 4-door alternative, with 86 overall deaths per million hours.
  6. Sports cars can be dangerous as well, if you’re not careful. If you own a Chevrolet Camaro coupe, there are 80 deaths per million hours, and a greater number of single vehicle collisions. Stop tailgating!
  7. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew pickup nets a rate of 79 deaths per millions of hours.
  8. A 2-door Honda Civic has a rate of 76 deaths per million hours, even if it does run for a million miles.
  9. A Nissan Versa hatchback with four doors is a slightly safer option, with 71 deaths per million hours.
  10. The 4-door Ford Focus is the safest car on our list of least safe cars, with a rate of 70 deaths per million hours.

In comparison, cars with the lowest death rates average a zero across the board for deaths per million registered vehicle years, multiple and single vehicle crashes, and rollovers. The Audi wins on that front.

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