Common Car Accident Injuries

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

AmbulanceWhen you are involved in a car accident, there is a good chance that at least one of the parties will suffer from some sort of injury. Car accident injuries range from mild, like cuts and cruises, to severe, like spinal cord injuries, and sometimes can result in death. A car accident threatens all areas of your body. Mostly, injuries happen to the upper body. This is due to the force of the airbags and the proximity of the steering wheel, windshield, and front dashboard.

Some of the most common car accident injuries are:

  • Head Injuries
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
    • Concussions
    • Skull fractures
    • Brain contusions
  • Back Injuries
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Fractured vertebrae
    • Herniated disk
  • Neck Injuries
    • Whiplash
    • Muscle, ligament damage
    • Vocal cord paralysis
  • Chest Injuries
    • Bruised or broken ribs
    • Collapsed lung
    • Traumatic cardiac arrest
    • Internal bleeding
    • Damage to internal organs
  • Other Injuries
    • Broken Bones
    • Bruises or cuts
    • Ligament damage
    • Severed limbs
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Car accident injuries can have life altering effects. Some injuries, like spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries, can have long lasting effects. Typically, if you suffer a serious injury you will lose time at work and the medical expenses will begin to add up. If this sounds like your scenario, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney immediately. A car accident attorney will analyze your individual case and determine if you are entitled to compensation. Please, do not hesitate to contact an attorney.

If you are wondering how you are going to pay an attorney, it is important to know that most personal injury attorneys do not charge for an initial consultation nor do they charge you for a lost settlement. So basically, you only pay if you win.

What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of Truck Accidents?

There are a lot of ways that truck accidents happen. How do you know what they are so you can do your best to avoid them? Here are some of the causes so you don’t have to wonder about them any longer.

Truck drivers get tired and cause accidents on a regular basis. A lot of them work long hours, but legally they have to take breaks at certain times. That doesn’t, however, stop a lot of companies from pushing the limits and even going over them from time to time. If you are in an accident with a sleepy driver, you may end up being able to sue the company they work for. It may seem like common sense to get rest, but if your job depends on how much work you can do without sleeping it can be hard to rest enough.

Poor training is a cause for a lot of accidents. When someone is trying to get a job, they may be able to scrape by and not retain a lot of what they learned. That may lead to them not knowing how to control the truck or to know what the space is like around it they need to think about. This may also lead to them speeding or doing other things they are not supposed to do. An inexperienced trucker going through cities or down highways is dangerous for anyone to have to drive around.

If someone doesn’t take care of their truck, you can expect it to fail on them eventually. Sometimes poor truck maintenance leads to it not starting or something else while it’s stopped, but sometimes it leads to serious problems while they are on the road. That’s why it’s so important for truckers to stay on top of what they are doing at all times. Another reason someone may not take care of a truck is the cost of doing so. Problems are expensive, but the problem with being cheap is that the issues cost more as time goes on because they worsen.

The ways that a truck accident can happen are varied, but they all end in damages and/or injuries. If you want to avoid them, be a safer driver. Even then, you can’t control other people so always wear your seat-belt and be prepared for the worst when driving in any situation and contact a disability lawyer.

Stay Rested for Safe Driving

Many people are suffering from sleep deprivation these days due to the demanding lifestyle that is common. Perhaps it is because family needs are great and parents must go the extra mile to make sure their children are able to participate in the social and sports activities they they would like to.

Even if family responsibilities are not the reason for their lack of sleep, their career and/or personal relationships many be creating undue stress and sleeplessness. Whatever the reason for inadequate rest, people should make sure they are fully alert when they get behind the wheel of their automobile.

Most speed limits are at least 55 mph or higher on freeway systems and major highways, and an accident can happen in the blink of an eye at those speeds. When anyone is driving with any kind of impairment their reaction time can be too slow to keep their vehicle under control at all times. Everyone knows that driving under the influence of any type of substance is dangerous, and they can be severely fined or lose their drivers license if they are caught driving drunk or on drugs.

While driving under the influence is very risky, driving while exhausted or sleep deprived is dangerous as well. Many people get too little rest most of the time and they get up in the morning to drive to work with only a cup of coffee to get them moving. Even though caffeine may help them feel more awake, their reaction time is probably insufficient to help them avoid accidents like car crashes.

Driving in spite of feeling over-tired is just something people feel they must do in order to take care of all their responsibilities and get to work on time. There are answers to the dilemma, but it takes some organization and forethought to solve the problem.

Setting a regular schedule for evening activities will help in getting more rest, and preparing for morning is a step in the right direction. Set out breakfast the night before and decide which clothes to wear so no time is wasted in searching for the right outfit. Aiming to get to bed an hour earlier than usual will eventually become a goal that is easier to achieve.

A quick cool shower after the preferred caffeine source is a great way to get fully awake. Do not skip breakfast, but choose something that is quick and healthy such as a morning smoothie or something that can be prepared ahead of time.

What to Do If Injured in a Hit and Run

The most important thing to know is that your immediate actions after you have been injured in a hit and run will greatly affect your chances of being the responsible party to terms and receiving compensation.

If the Police are able to locate the driver and vehicle responsible for running you down, there is a better chance that you can file a lawsuit or a claim against their insurance provider. No matter which course of action you choose to pursue, you can count on an experienced personal injury attorney to present your case in the most advantageous way possible.

What to do in the Aftermath of a Hit and Run Incident

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a hit and run, the injured person will be disoriented and not thinking straight. Following are some of the steps that will need to be taken, if you are injured, get someone you trust to help you with taking these steps.

-Take a note on all the specifics you can remember about the vehicle that hit you. Remember the model, the color, and the state the plates are from. If you can’t remember this, jot down anything you do remember. Even the position of the driver relative to your location can give you a clue as the height of the vehicle.

-Take some photographic evidence to support your story. As the injured party, your testimony itself will be very important and carry clout. But, if you have some immediate pictures to take, it will make the story all the more believable.

-Get medical attention to be sure all aspects of your injuries are addressed. This includes asking your physician about any ongoing treatments or therapies you could require.

-Be careful what you say to the insurance companies. Remember they are looking to dodge responsibility and anything you say can give them a reason to not pay compensation. For example:

“Hello, I’m Mr. Swindler from the Shady Gray Insurance Co. How are you today?”
“I’m Fine”
“Then we have nothing further to discuss”

Any small admission of guilt or innocuous comment could be an excuse for them to short pay you. Just stick to the facts and nothing more. No pleasantries, no further comments, just the facts.

If the Police Department is able to catch the guilty parties, be sure to counsel with a reputable personal injury attorney. It is important to have a professional perspective guide you on this course to gain your rightful compensation and help you with estate planning after an injury.

Who Is Liable When Multi Vehicle Accidents Occur?

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, one that included multiple vehicles, there are many ways that you can sue for damages that were done. It is very common for lawyers to go after the insurance companies for every driver involved, and depending upon the nature of the injuries of their client, they may also sue individuals that were responsible for the accident. To determine who is liable in a multivehicle accident, this is up to the lawyer. They will need to gather as much information as possible about the incident in order to determine who they are going to sue.

What Information Should You Bring Them?

The information that you will provide will include the police report that you had done on the day of the accident. You will also need to provide any medical information pertaining to your injuries. Depending upon the nature of your injuries, the amount of your settlement could be substantial, particularly if you will be unable to work for quite some time as you recover from the injuries sustained. Finally, they will also look into what caused the accident, and if it was the result of a malfunction in a vehicle and not driver error, they can go after the manufacturer of the vehicle itself. Once you have brought them your medical reports, police report, and pictures of the accident, they will then do the rest.

How To Find The Best Attorney

The best attorney is going to be one that has represented hundreds of people for similar cases. You will want to search for multi-vehicle accident attorneys, and set appointments with the ones that you find. You can talk with them over the phone, and email them all of your information if you are unable to personally visit because of your injuries. They may even come to you if it is a substantial case where they are representing multiple clients from the same accident. You can see reviews of these different attorneys online, and based on what others have said, this can help you make your final choice. You may even be contacted by an attorney that is filing a class-action lawsuit against multiple parties involved, allowing you to benefit from all of the work that they are going to do for you.

Once you have found an attorney that can represent you, or one has approached you, you will soon know what to expect. Based upon the evidence that you provide, and the research that they will do, it is likely that you will receive a settlement for the multi-vehicle accident you were involved in.

Who Can Be Held Liable For Damages In A Taxi Cab Accident?

When a taxicab is in an accident, who can be held liable for the taxicab? Is it the driver or the taxi cab company? In most cases, where the driver is at fault in the event of a collision with another vehicle, the cab company will be held liable.

However, it will need to be proven in a court of law that the driver was at fault through negligence or their direct or indirect actions. In most cases, damages and medical expenses will be awarded if the driver was found to be at fault but the compensation will be paid by the taxi cab company’s insurer.

This means that when you bring a claim for injuries or damages due to a taxi cab accident, you will, in essence, be claiming from the insurance company. The insurer will investigate the accident to ensure that the driver was at fault and calculate the claim that has been made. They may settle out of court if they can verify all the facts.

If the case does go to court, it is highly recommended to have legal representation in the form of a lawyer or attorney. The insurance provider will have access to the best legal team to defend against a claim. A good injury lawyer will be able to establish a strong case in order for the claim to be awarded.

In the event that you are a passenger in a taxi cab when it is in a collision and are injured as a result, the person at fault will be held liable for any medical or other expenses related to the injury. In other words, if the taxi cab driver was at fault, you can either sue the driver or the taxi cab company.

If the other party in the collision was at fault, you will need to sue them for damages rather than the cab company or driver. Should another person be responsible for the accident, they can be held liable for any injuries that have ensued from the collision.

As explained above, if you are bringing a civil suit against the cab company, it will probably be the insurance company who will settle the amount that is being claimed or awarded by the court. In this case, it is once again a good idea to have legal representation.

What Is Distracted Driving And How Can You Avoid It?

For many of us, driving forms part of our daily life. We may drive to work, do the school run, go grocery shopping or visit friends, all with the help of our trusty vehicle.

While being able to drive has an abundance of advantages, it also comes with its fair share of risks. One of these dangers is distracted driving. What is distracted driving? How can we avoid it? The guide below clearly answers these two important questions.

What Is Distracted Driving?

This term refers to any activity that takes the attention of the driver away from driving. Such activities are varied but could include the following:

– talking to someone
– texting on your mobile
– eating or drinking
– adjusting the car stereo
– using the car navigation system.

It is more than evident that distracted driving covers a broad range of activities. Remember, anything that causes you to take your full attention away from driving is classified as distracted driving, even the emotional injuries suffered from a divorce.

One example to highlight the point is that of texting on your mobile. Sending or reading a message can mean you take your eyes off the road for a full 5 seconds. When travelling at even a slow speed, 5 seconds covers a lot of ground and can lead to car accidents.

How Can You Avoid Distracted Driving?

One of the key ways you can help yourself to avoid distracted driving is to consider the potential consequences. Thousands of people are killed and hundreds of thousands are injured on our roads as a direct result of distracted driving. While it is easy to presume that young drivers are the main causes for such accidents, in truth we are all prone to fall into the trap of distracted driving.

Take the time to think about the consequences that you would face if you allowed your attention to be taken off the road for even a moment. Such a reflection can strengthen your resolve to not allow any activity to potentially change your life for the worse.

Indeed, distracted driving takes in a lot of activities, in fact it covers anything at all that diverts your attention away from your task of driving. Remember, when you are behind the wheel you have one task and one task only; to have your full attention on the road. Otherwise you too may become part of the shocking figures that are related to distracted driving.