What To Do If Your Uber Driver Has An Accident

Getting into a car with a driver who you don’t know might be a source of apprehension for many people, but for others it’s a walk in the park. Either way, sometimes the worst happens and things just go wrong. Whether or not your Uber driver is at fault, what happens when he gets into an automobile accident? Does the company have insurance? Will you be taken care of? Here are a few things you should do immediately if your Uber driver has an accident.

  1. One of the largest rumors circulated about Uber as a company is that it does not maintain insurance for its drivers, and therefore the burden of coverage would land on the passenger in the case of an accident. This is a myth. It only exists because of the constant battling between the traditional taxi industry and rideshare companies.
  2. Uber maintains insurance for its drivers, and mandates that the drivers themselves have another layer of insurance on top of their own personal insurance. If an accident occurs, you can make a claim to part of this coverage for either personal injury or property damage. When your Uber driver gets into an accident, be sure to take this information down.
  3. Report the accident to the police, to Uber, and to a personal injury law firm in order to ensure that all your bases are fully covered. You can report these incidents to Uber directly through the app itself.
  4. If there were other drivers involved, be sure to get their insurance information as well. This might seem redundant since the Uber driver should already have done this, but always assume that the other parties involved won’t do what they should do.
  5. Seek immediate medical attention for any injuries incurred during the accident–or any that develop as a result–and document information like bills, psychological trauma, etc. If you’re unable to work because of your injuries, then keep track of lost hours. You’ll also be able to acquire compensation for any permanent loss of productivity, so be sure to document in copious detail!

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