Who Is Responsible when an Accident is Caused by Faulty Vehicular Components?

Obviously, driver error is the primary cause of all vehicular accidents, even if the fault is poor maintenance. Nevertheless, there are a few instances where an accident is caused or made worse by the fault of defective vehicular components.

When this happens the family or victim may file a product lawsuit against the car manufacturers.

Some of the most common faulty vehicle equipment that can cause serious accidents and injuries:

1. Airbags

Airbags are designed to inflate rapidly and protect the driver and passengers from serious injury, but, if these malfunction they can cause serious injury. Even if the accident is your fault if the airbags fail to open you can be seriously injured. The same holds true for airbags that inflate at the wrong time.

If the slightest tap or rough speed bump causes your airbag to inflate it can cause injury or even an accident. Finally, airbags should be designed to mitigate the injuries in an accident not make them worse. If the airbag inflates too quickly it can snap the neck in an awkward position and cause serious injuries.

2. Seatbelts

Seatbelts are also meant to keep the occupants of a moving vehicle safe in the event of a collision. If they were to come undone upon impact the lives of the driver or passenger can be in danger. This can be caused by a faulty buckle that released upon impact or a shoddy design that breaks or fails during impact.

3. Roofs and rollovers

All cars today must meet certain specifications for safety in the event of a rollover. If the safety roll bars in the car’s frame are compromised, the interior of the car is no longer safe. A rollover can mean death or serious injury for the occupants in the car.

4. Brake Failure

The brakes could fail by taking a car for crucial brake service at an inexperienced mechanic. This can cause no end to serious accidents.

5. Power Steering Failure

While this does not entirely remove the capacity to control a car, when the power steering fails it can be very difficult to steer a vehicle and this can result in an accident.
Final Notes on Faulty Vehicle Equipment

There are a few other faulty components that can cause or aggravate a car accident and injuries sustained. If you have been the victim of faulty vehicle equipment it is essential to gather all evidence of the accident as you can. Seek out the counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you find compensation.

Some Common Birth Injuries

In some cases during the birth process, babies may suffer some physical injuries as a result of the process. Injuries during birth are mainly attributed to the size or position of the baby during the labor and delivery periods. The possible injuries that can occur are of varying implications to the child. Most of them are caused by oversized babies, prematurity during birth, prolonged labor and un proportionality. Below are some common birth injuries;

Caput Succedaneum

This is a significant swelling of the soft and vulnerable tissues on the baby’s scalp that is caused by the process by which the baby traverses through the birth canal. Bruising of the area is common and the implications, which is simply the swelling, may go away after a few days. This injury is prevalent in babies who deliver through the vacuum extraction process.


This is an injury whereby the baby bleeds beneath one of the cranial bones. It is seen a couple of hours after the birth of a baby. It is manifested as a lump on the head of the newborn. After some time, the baby’s body automatically absorbs the bleeding, and the injury goes away. It may take between three weeks and a month for the lump to completely go away. In some severe cases, the baby may have jaundice as a result of excessive bleeding.


This injury is mostly manifested on the face of the newborn baby. It is caused by the trauma suffered by the baby when moving through the birth canal and coming into contact with the pelvic bone of the mother. Forceps used during the delivery process can also lead to bruises or marks on the baby. This kind of injury is common in babies delivered through vacuum extraction.

Facial Paralysis

During the birth process, the nerves on the baby’s face may be damaged due to the pressure applied. This can also be caused by the force applied on the forceps during delivery. This injury is manifested when the baby is seen crying during the delivery process. The implications of this injury are the inability of the baby to move their face and close their eye after birth. If the nerves were bruised, the injury often clears within a few weeks.


Fractures mostly occur on the collarbone of the baby. This bone may break when there is difficulty delivering or during a breech delivery. Fractured clavicles heal quickly, and a baby with such an injury can be identified with lack of activity on the side with a broken clavicle.

If your child has suffered from a birth injury due to a doctor’s negligence, you have the right to seek compensation to ensure that they have a long and healthy life. Any vehicle injury lawyer is a good choice in representation.

Who Is Liable When Multi Vehicle Accidents Occur?

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, one that included multiple vehicles, there are many ways that you can sue for damages that were done. It is very common for lawyers to go after the insurance companies for every driver involved, and depending upon the nature of the injuries of their client, they may also sue individuals that were responsible for the accident. To determine who is liable in a multivehicle accident, this is up to the lawyer. They will need to gather as much information as possible about the incident in order to determine who they are going to sue.

What Information Should You Bring Them?

The information that you will provide will include the police report that you had done on the day of the accident. You will also need to provide any medical information pertaining to your injuries. Depending upon the nature of your injuries, the amount of your settlement could be substantial, particularly if you will be unable to work for quite some time as you recover from the injuries sustained. Finally, they will also look into what caused the accident, and if it was the result of a malfunction in a vehicle and not driver error, they can go after the manufacturer of the vehicle itself. Once you have brought them your medical reports, police report, and pictures of the accident, they will then do the rest.

How To Find The Best Attorney

The best attorney is going to be one that has represented hundreds of people for similar cases. You will want to search for multi-vehicle accident attorneys, and set appointments with the ones that you find. You can talk with them over the phone, and email them all of your information if you are unable to personally visit because of your injuries. They may even come to you if it is a substantial case where they are representing multiple clients from the same accident. You can see reviews of these different attorneys online, and based on what others have said, this can help you make your final choice. You may even be contacted by an attorney that is filing a class-action lawsuit against multiple parties involved, allowing you to benefit from all of the work that they are going to do for you.

Once you have found an attorney that can represent you, or one has approached you, you will soon know what to expect. Based upon the evidence that you provide, and the research that they will do, it is likely that you will receive a settlement for the multi-vehicle accident you were involved in.

Who Can Be Held Liable For Damages In A Taxi Cab Accident?

When a taxicab is in an accident, who can be held liable for the taxicab? Is it the driver or the taxi cab company? In most cases, where the driver is at fault in the event of a collision with another vehicle, the cab company will be held liable.

However, it will need to be proven in a court of law that the driver was at fault through negligence or their direct or indirect actions. In most cases, damages and medical expenses will be awarded if the driver was found to be at fault but the compensation will be paid by the taxi cab company’s insurer.

This means that when you bring a claim for injuries or damages due to a taxi cab accident, you will, in essence, be claiming from the insurance company. The insurer will investigate the accident to ensure that the driver was at fault and calculate the claim that has been made. They may settle out of court if they can verify all the facts.

If the case does go to court, it is highly recommended to have legal representation in the form of a lawyer or attorney. The insurance provider will have access to the best legal team to defend against a claim. A good injury lawyer will be able to establish a strong case in order for the claim to be awarded.

In the event that you are a passenger in a taxi cab when it is in a collision and are injured as a result, the person at fault will be held liable for any medical or other expenses related to the injury. In other words, if the taxi cab driver was at fault, you can either sue the driver or the taxi cab company.

If the other party in the collision was at fault, you will need to sue them for damages rather than the cab company or driver. Should another person be responsible for the accident, they can be held liable for any injuries that have ensued from the collision.

As explained above, if you are bringing a civil suit against the cab company, it will probably be the insurance company who will settle the amount that is being claimed or awarded by the court. In this case, it is once again a good idea to have legal representation.

Aggressive Dog Breed Hall of Fame

There is some aspect of the nature vs. nurture debate that applies to children as well as to dogs.

With children, there is a long-standing debate as to whether the environment in which a child is raised determines personality, character or temperament more than what is genetically determined in their DNA.

With children who are adopted as babies, or grow up with different relatives than their parents or siblings (such as by a grandmother or an uncle), it has been a fascinating study to see if human children grow up to show characteristics that are consistent with their parentage or whether the environment plays a role in “training” the child to be a certain way.

Does this debate extend to other species, such as pets like dogs? There are a number of pages that claim to offer authoritative information about dog breeds that are aggressive, but the question may sometimes come up whether the aggression is natural or nurtured, or can the aggression be nurtured out of a dog’s nature?

Whether the aggression is natural or evolved from training doesn’t seem to matter, because we have for you five of the most aggressive dog breeds as considered by many authorities. As this is compiled as a consensus from other lists, chances are these are pretty generally regarded as naturally aggressive.  You might be surprised – or not – that those with small stature seem to have much bigger dog bites than their barks (or bodies, in these cases).


The little wiener dog? Really? Yes, believe it or not, even though dachshunds are among the smallest dogs in the world, they are quite aggressive. Upon a further thought, it makes sense – because they are so small, they are easily threatened by virtually anyone, even children. According to research, about 20 percent of all dachshunds bite a stranger at least once, while about 8 percent of them bite their master at least once.


By the same logic, the Chihuahua is also a dog that is threatened by anyone that is bigger than its body. These can be extremely loyal and devoted to owners, but are prone to jealousy and will snap or bite any stranger that comes too close to an owner. Because children are generally precocious, Chihuahuas do not take well to children, though they can be socialized to them if the child is in the house first.

Jack Russell Terrier

The most famous such dog is Eddie from the long-running NBC sitcom “Frasier,” which often stole scenes without even making a noise. While it is highly trainable, it can also be very aggressive partly due to its small size. It is very active but does not play well with others, even other dogs. It does not like roughhousing, and it does not play when it bites – playtime can be dangerous as Jack Russells take any rough play as a threat.

Chow Chow

Perhaps the signature dog of China, the Chow Chow looks cute and fluffy, but these have been responsible for killing people. They are generally irritable, very territorial and very loyal and protective of their homes and masters. They can be a good security dog, but they can’t be trusted alone with other dogs or children.

German Shepherd

Perhaps the most loyal and loving dogs with its owners and family, the German Shepherd is a noble but very aggressive breed – it is popular as a K-9 member with many law-enforcement organizations, mainly because of its great sense of smell, strong loyalty to its master and its intelligence. It is highly dangerous not just because of its aggression, but because of its massive weight compared to other dogs on this list.

How To Detect Nursing Home Abuse

If you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home, you want to assume that they are going to be safe and taken care of properly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Nursing home abuse is on the rise and you need to know what to look for and what steps to take if your loved one is being abused.

Nursing home abuse can happen on many levels, from simple neglect, to intentional killing. It is important to ask your loved ones about the treatment they are receiving and if they can’t speak, you should examine them each time you visit. One of the things you want to look for is bedsores or bruises. This might mean that your loved one is not being moved during the day or that your loved one is being hit or treated roughly.

You also want to find out of your loved one is getting all their medication on time or if they are being overmedicated to keep them quiet. A huge red flag is if your loved one suffers a serious injury while in the nursing home. This might mean that they were pushed or injured by one of the staff members.

Check to see if your loved one is losing weight or if they seem dehydrated. This could indicate that they are not being fed enough or that they are not getting enough water. Sometimes your loved one seems fine when they enter the nursing home, but they experience a sudden and rapid decline in health after being there a short time. This is often a sign of abuse.

If your loved one tells you they are being abused, listen to them. Physical abuse is one of the most common types of nursing home abuse and the patients are often hit or shaken. Some residents are even sexually abused. Sometimes the abuse is verbal and patients are often humiliated or degraded by the staff. The worst type of abuse is death and if your loved one dies in a suspicious manner, abuse could be involved.

If you think your loved one is being abused by the nursing home, it is important to get a nursing home abuse lawyer right away. Your loved one’s life is at stake and you can’t wait to act. Don’t let your loved one be hurt by the nursing home staff.

What Is Distracted Driving And How Can You Avoid It?

For many of us, driving forms part of our daily life. We may drive to work, do the school run, go grocery shopping or visit friends, all with the help of our trusty vehicle.

While being able to drive has an abundance of advantages, it also comes with its fair share of risks. One of these dangers is distracted driving. What is distracted driving? How can we avoid it? The guide below clearly answers these two important questions.

What Is Distracted Driving?

This term refers to any activity that takes the attention of the driver away from driving. Such activities are varied but could include the following:

– talking to someone
– texting on your mobile
– eating or drinking
– adjusting the car stereo
– using the car navigation system.

It is more than evident that distracted driving covers a broad range of activities. Remember, anything that causes you to take your full attention away from driving is classified as distracted driving, even the emotional injuries suffered from a divorce.

One example to highlight the point is that of texting on your mobile. Sending or reading a message can mean you take your eyes off the road for a full 5 seconds. When travelling at even a slow speed, 5 seconds covers a lot of ground and can lead to car accidents.

How Can You Avoid Distracted Driving?

One of the key ways you can help yourself to avoid distracted driving is to consider the potential consequences. Thousands of people are killed and hundreds of thousands are injured on our roads as a direct result of distracted driving. While it is easy to presume that young drivers are the main causes for such accidents, in truth we are all prone to fall into the trap of distracted driving.

Take the time to think about the consequences that you would face if you allowed your attention to be taken off the road for even a moment. Such a reflection can strengthen your resolve to not allow any activity to potentially change your life for the worse.

Indeed, distracted driving takes in a lot of activities, in fact it covers anything at all that diverts your attention away from your task of driving. Remember, when you are behind the wheel you have one task and one task only; to have your full attention on the road. Otherwise you too may become part of the shocking figures that are related to distracted driving.

Can I Seek And Get Compensation For Dog Bite Injuries?

The harrowing experience of being bitten by a dog is extremely distressing. The physical injuries of a dog bite, resulting in skin tears, punctures, and or laceration are bad enough. However, such injuries can lead to infections with a particular risk of suffering from rabies when bitten by a rabid dog. So, can you make claims when you are bitten by a dog that is not yours?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Seeking and actually receiving claims is highly dependent on the particulars of each case. The extent of the injuries notwithstanding, some people receive compensation while others do not. And when the injuries are considered, the value of compensation varies greatly (even when the extent of the injuries are the same). We will explore the issue of receiving compensation the determination of the amount of compensation to be received from dog bite injuries.

Making a successful claim depends on obtaining and providing ample evidence that the dog’s owner knew that the dog was dangerous and prone to attacking people. Alternatively, you should provide evidence that the dog owner should have known that the dog was dangerous and a danger to other people. To make a solid case or compensation, you should find out whether the dog had previously attacked someone. If so, this will build your case. There are some states that do not ascribe to the one-free-bite rule and all and any dog bite cases are treated the same. However, if you are bitten while trespassing, you will not be allowed to receive your compensation even when you are bitten in the owner’s property.

Type Of Compensation Emanating From Dog Bite Injuries

There are several claims that you can make as a result of dog bite injuries. They include:

#1. Medical Bills: The most obvious claim to make is compensation for medical bills. Such compensation covers the cost of any medication, doctor consultation services, physical therapy, counselors, and compensation for any other complication.

#2. Income Lost: This compensation is due to any lost income owing to the inability to engage in economic activities to derive an income as a result of the bite while recuperating or even after (especially when there a loss of earning capacity).

#3. Loss Of Service: This is compensation that spouses of close family members receive owning to their life being affected due to the injuries suffered by the bitten individuals. Only some states allow for such claims to be made.

#4. Pain And Suffering: This is compensation received due to eh pain and suffering. The amount received varies from state to state and from case to case.

Who Is Responsible For Your Injuries In A Building Fire?

If you are ever involved in a fire that occurred in a building, you should know that you do have legal recourse. You will be able to sue for damages that are done to you as a result of the fire. These attorneys will understand how to pursue these cases as there are many factors that may be involved. In most cases, it involves a smoke alarm that fails or the absence of smoke alarms or even a sprinkler system that could put out the fire. They will also look into the required safety equipment that should be there to determine if it was available or not. If there is a fire escape, they will look to see if it was in the best condition, or if people could actually access it at all. They will take a look at fire doors, and also see if there was proper maintenance on water heaters and furnaces. It could have been an electrical problem, but regardless of what caused the fire, they will be able to sue that company, and their insurance provider, to provide you with the settlement that you need.

The Reasons That People Sue After A Fire

The most obvious reason for suing a building owner after a fire is the damage that is done to your body. In fact, you could also sue if you were not burned but suffered from smoke inhalation. There is also the pain-and-suffering that you may have experienced trying to get out of the fire such as falling down, having portions of the building fall on you, or having to jump out of a window causing you to injure yourself. You will want to find an attorney that has represented people in these situations before and have successfully litigated leading to a settlement. You can bring pictures of the building, police reports, medical reports, and you will need to sit down with them to discuss what your options are. The bottom line is that you deserve to have your medical bills paid for, and receive some type of settlement for what you have experienced. This can only happen by finding building fire attorneys that are in your area. The responsible party for the fire will always be in the hands of the building owner, and all those associated with providing a safe place for people to either work or live.

How To Find One Of These Attorneys

Locating one of these attorneys is easy if you use the Internet. Simply search for building and department fire injury lawyers, and there will be several available. They will take all of the information that you can provide, and start to do the research that they need to do on their own. Once they are done, if it is the fault of the building owner because of their negligence, you will certainly have a case that you will win. And as always if you win, you will have a personal injury settlement that requires estate planning.

What Do I Do If I Slip And Fall At A Friend’s House? Can I Sue Them?

If you happen to be at a friend’s house, and you slip and fall at their home, you might wonder if you can actually sue them for damages that have been done. Although this is something that people would not typically do, it is possible that the damages that you have experience can prevent you from going to work, and will cause you to go to a doctor which can be very expensive. There is also the possibility that you may not be able to recover for many weeks or months. You will not be able to generate any income during this time. As a result of this, you may find yourself in a situation where you have no other choice but to consider the possibility of suing your friend if you slipped and fell at their home.

Is This Something That Is Easy To Do?

If you decide to do this, and you hire a lawyer to help you, they will likely sue your friend by going after the insurance company that provides them with homeowners insurance. It is also possible that they may consider legal action against your friend, and the assets that they have, in order to help you receive some type of compensation. If it can be proven that it is their fault that the slip and fall occurred, they will be liable for the damages that are done. Under the premises liability law, it is possible to look at any hazardous conditions at a home which led to the injury, allowing them to pursue legal action and file an insurance claim area

How The Premises Liability Law Works

This law will actually look at the relationship between the injured victim and the owner of the home. Lawyers will try to determine if there was negligence on the part of the homeowner. In most cases, the person that was injured was given permission to be in the home by the homeowner. If that is the case, it is their responsibility to warn you of any potential dangers that could lead to an accident. Of course, this would only pertain to conditions that they would reasonably know about, not random occurrences that could not be predicted. Your lawyer will be able to assess what has happened, and if they can, they will prove that the homeowner was negligent. At the very least, you can pursue reimbursement for the doctor or hospital bills that you will accrue as a result of your injuries. This is something that a friend would likely help you with, but if not, you may have to pursue legal action.