Plan Ahead In Case Of Injury On Vacation

Vacations are great. You can pack a bag, head off to some exotic location, and simply enjoy the rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. No one enjoys preparing for an accident, but it’s important that you plan ahead. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a situation where you’re severely injured and no help is coming.

Plan Ahead

The first thing to do is plan before you head on vacation. Make sure all of your insurance information is on hand and updated. Ensure that you have some way for people to find out who to contact if you get hurt. Don’t rely on being able to call for help yourself. You may not have that luxury.

It may also help to get a health exam. That way, you can know ahead of time if you have any issues that require extra care. Make sure to pack any first aid or medical equipment you may need, as well.

Lastly, make absolutely certain that you have a way to contact people for yourself. Don’t go off without a cell phone if you can help it. If you can’t, then make certain people know where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, and what to do if you don’t show up when you’re supposed to.

When You Get Hurt

If the worst happens and you get hurt, don’t panic. It’s understandable to be worried, but keeping a clear head will help you plan much more easily.

First, assess the situation. How hurt are you? Where are you? Are you near civilization, or are you out in the wilderness? If you’re in a city, then the situation becomes easily solved. Simply call the emergency line available to you. Someone will send help and hopefully, you won’t have to worry about further injury.

However, if you’re out in the wilderness, it’s not as clean cut. This is why you need proper first aid for yourself. If you have the equipment you need to tend your wounds, you’ll have a much better chance of making it back to civilization.

And of course, make sure you’re able to explain to the doctor what happened and how to help. If you’re in an area where you don’t speak the native language, try to have someone who can speak the language with you. At the very least, have them on the phone. That way, you can make sure the doctors know what you need and how to help.

Getting Hurt At Work: Who’s At Fault?

Getting hurt is never a good thing and if you get hurt at work, you might be wondering what your next steps should be. You are probably wondering who is at fault. Is it you? Or your employer? In most cases, your employer is at fault and you can get your medical bills paid and any expenses paid that are the result of the injury.

Sometimes you don’t have any protection for your injuries sustained on the job. If you are an independent contractor or railroad worker, you are going to have to take care of your injuries yourself. You could also on the hook for your own expenses if you were very negligent on the job or blatantly ignored safety rules. Your employer could actually sue you in this case.

In the vast majority of cases, your employer is going to be at fault and your expenses are going to be paid for through workers’ compensation insurance. Work related injuries happen on the job and they are the result of carrying out your job duties. If you cut yourself with a knife on your lunch break in the cafeteria, that injury would not be considered to be job related.

Your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover claims and you can file a claim for benefits if you are injured. Sometimes employers don’t have this coverage and if you are injured and your employer doesn’t have insurance, you can sue your employer. If you do end up suing your employer, you are going to be eligible for compensation for your injuries, loss of income, pain and suffering and any other financial concern that is related to your injuries.

Sometimes you get injured and you think you are fine, but you start to experience problems months or years down the road. If these injuries are work related, you will want to see a lawyer and see what your case is worth. You might find that you have a case that is worth quite a bit of money and that your employer is liable for your injuries.

Getting hurt at work is stressful, but in most cases your injuries are going to be covered by your employer. If they aren’t, you should see a lawyer to see if you have a legal claim against your employer so you can get your medical bills paid.

Can I Seek And Get Compensation For Dog Bite Injuries?

The harrowing experience of being bitten by a dog is extremely distressing. The physical injuries of a dog bite, resulting in skin tears, punctures, and or laceration are bad enough. However, such injuries can lead to infections with a particular risk of suffering from rabies when bitten by a rabid dog. So, can you make claims when you are bitten by a dog that is not yours?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Seeking and actually receiving claims is highly dependent on the particulars of each case. The extent of the injuries notwithstanding, some people receive compensation while others do not. And when the injuries are considered, the value of compensation varies greatly (even when the extent of the injuries are the same). We will explore the issue of receiving compensation the determination of the amount of compensation to be received from dog bite injuries.

Making a successful claim depends on obtaining and providing ample evidence that the dog’s owner knew that the dog was dangerous and prone to attacking people. Alternatively, you should provide evidence that the dog owner should have known that the dog was dangerous and a danger to other people. To make a solid case or compensation, you should find out whether the dog had previously attacked someone. If so, this will build your case. There are some states that do not ascribe to the one-free-bite rule and all and any dog bite cases are treated the same. However, if you are bitten while trespassing, you will not be allowed to receive your compensation even when you are bitten in the owner’s property.

Type Of Compensation Emanating From Dog Bite Injuries

There are several claims that you can make as a result of dog bite injuries. They include:

#1. Medical Bills: The most obvious claim to make is compensation for medical bills. Such compensation covers the cost of any medication, doctor consultation services, physical therapy, counselors, and compensation for any other complication.

#2. Income Lost: This compensation is due to any lost income owing to the inability to engage in economic activities to derive an income as a result of the bite while recuperating or even after (especially when there a loss of earning capacity).

#3. Loss Of Service: This is compensation that spouses of close family members receive owning to their life being affected due to the injuries suffered by the bitten individuals. Only some states allow for such claims to be made.

#4. Pain And Suffering: This is compensation received due to eh pain and suffering. The amount received varies from state to state and from case to case.

Who Is Responsible For Your Injuries In A Building Fire?

If you are ever involved in a fire that occurred in a building, you should know that you do have legal recourse. You will be able to sue for damages that are done to you as a result of the fire. These attorneys will understand how to pursue these cases as there are many factors that may be involved. In most cases, it involves a smoke alarm that fails or the absence of smoke alarms or even a sprinkler system that could put out the fire. They will also look into the required safety equipment that should be there to determine if it was available or not. If there is a fire escape, they will look to see if it was in the best condition, or if people could actually access it at all. They will take a look at fire doors, and also see if there was proper maintenance on water heaters and furnaces. It could have been an electrical problem, but regardless of what caused the fire, they will be able to sue that company, and their insurance provider, to provide you with the settlement that you need.

The Reasons That People Sue After A Fire

The most obvious reason for suing a building owner after a fire is the damage that is done to your body. In fact, you could also sue if you were not burned but suffered from smoke inhalation. There is also the pain-and-suffering that you may have experienced trying to get out of the fire such as falling down, having portions of the building fall on you, or having to jump out of a window causing you to injure yourself. You will want to find an attorney that has represented people in these situations before and have successfully litigated leading to a settlement. You can bring pictures of the building, police reports, medical reports, and you will need to sit down with them to discuss what your options are. The bottom line is that you deserve to have your medical bills paid for, and receive some type of settlement for what you have experienced. This can only happen by finding building fire attorneys that are in your area. The responsible party for the fire will always be in the hands of the building owner, and all those associated with providing a safe place for people to either work or live.

How To Find One Of These Attorneys

Locating one of these attorneys is easy if you use the Internet. Simply search for building and department fire injury lawyers, and there will be several available. They will take all of the information that you can provide, and start to do the research that they need to do on their own. Once they are done, if it is the fault of the building owner because of their negligence, you will certainly have a case that you will win. And as always if you win, you will have a personal injury settlement that requires estate planning.

Can You File A Lawsuit If Injured By An Exploding E-Cigarette?

One of the most popular trends in the tobacco industry is the use of electronic cigarettes. They have made it possible for many people to quit smoking, and they are very easy to use. This technology uses batteries which are rechargeable, something that can be done with an outlet or they can plug into your computer. However, some of them have been known to explode, and when this happens, it can cause substantial damage to the person that is using this product. Some people have sustained significant burns because the explosions have happened while using the device, or even while it is in their pocket. If this has happened to you, you might wonder if you could file a lawsuit if you are ever injured by an exploding e- cigarette, it’s not like something serious such as a motorcycle accident, so do I even have rights?

Can You File A Lawsuit For This?

If you have sustained significant damage, or even minor injuries, from an exploding electronic cigarette, you do have legal recourse. In fact, multiple lawsuits have been filed in some of the largest states including New York, California, and Florida. People have reported that the device exploded, causing burns, dental damage, and a multitude of other problems. Some of the biggest lawsuits were against companies like Kangertech, IPV and Sigelei. The reason that they explode has to do with a problem with the charging mechanism of the lithium-ion battery, something very similar to all of the problems that iPhone and Samsung users have had with these rechargeable batteries in their devices. You can file a lawsuit by contacting one of the many lawyers that are representing the hundreds of people that have experienced this problem.

What Information Will They Need From You?

They are going to need pictures of the actual device that exploded. Pictures should also include the damage that was done to you. You should go to a doctor, which is something that you would automatically do after you are injured, and get the final medical report which can be used as evidence. Once you have all of this, you will then contact an attorney that has represented other people before. They can look at your case, and based upon the evidence that you present, they can start the legal process of suing the company that manufactured the product in order to help pay for your pain, suffering, and damages caused by your electronic cigarette.

A Look At Some Of The Common Injuries From Car Accidents

One of the most common sources of injuries and even deaths are car accidents. In 2012, there were over 5.6 million car accidents in the United States and a reported 1.6 million of these resulted in injuries. Cars are necessary for daily life since they allow you to travel from one point to another in a relatively short space of time. However, as you can see, they are quite dangerous and can lead to a wide range of injuries. So, we will now take a closer look at the different types of possible injuries.

Head injuries are one of the more common and serious injuries that can occur during an accident. These injuries typically occur when there is a high speed collision and the passengers or driver, hit their heads on the dashboard, steering wheel or windows. Some common issues that occur due to this type of trauma include skull fractures, concussions, hearing loss, vision loss and you can even go into a coma and suffer from permanent brain damage or cognitive problems.

Back injuries are also common and if there is damage to the spinal cord, this can lead to nerve damage. Some people may experience a reduction of feeling in their arms, legs, feet and other parts of their body as well as a loss of movement. Serious spinal injury can lead to permanent paralysis which is life altering. Herniated discs are another common back injury that will take a significant amount of time to heal.

Neck and chest injuries are also very common. Whiplash can occur which is when there is a very sudden movement of the head and neck. The severity of the whiplash would depend on the impact of the collision as well as the general health and muscular strength of that person. General neck pain and swelling is also common and some people even experience temporary vocal cord paralysis.

Blunt force trauma in accidents can cause chest issues such as collapsed lungs and broken ribs. If you have pre-existing heart problems, you might go into cardiac arrest and even suffer from a heart attack. There is also the possibility of damage to the internal organs, pelvis and abdomen.

In closing, car accidents can cause some very severe injuries and if you or someone you care about has been involved in one, you should think about seeking the advice of an attorney. They will evaluate your case and injuries and help determine whether you are owed money to cover the costs caused by the injuries.

Who Is Liable For Bed Bug Injuries At A Hotel?

If you have been to a hotel, one that was infested with bedbugs that caused you to be severely bitten, you might wonder what recourse you have as a result of these injuries. Bedbugs actually feed off of the blood of a host, and while you are sleeping at night, they will literally drilled into your skin. You may wake up with lines of bumps that will become extremely itchy, something that can be both irritating and an inconvenience. You may wonder what you can do in order to rectify the situation if you would like to contact the hotel. Here is a brief overview of who is liable for bed bug injuries at a hotel, especially if you are the victim.

Can You Sue For Bed Bug Bites?

From a basic perspective, every hotel owner, and the managers are responsible for providing patrons of their hotel with a safe place to sleep. However, it is becoming more common for people to experience bedbug bites after staying at even some of the most expensive hotels in the nation. There are laws that exist, especially over the last few years, as this problem continues to get worse. They are designed to protect the rights of those that will stay at these hotels, especially from bedbug infestations. Under these laws, similar to how you can sue a business if you slip and fall, you can also sue a hotel for bed bug bites. Personal injury lawsuits can be filed by a lawyer, specifically addressing the hotel as the liable party which will include the owner of the hotel, managers, insurance carriers and even the staff.

How Do You Proceed With This Type Of Lawsuit?

You can proceed with this lawsuit by first gathering evidence which will include pictures of the bedbugs that are in the bed, mattress, and even on the carpeting and furniture. You need to take pictures of the bite marks that you have, and then ask the manager of the hotel to send a representative of their company to notate the issue. They will then need to provide you with a report of what has happened, officially stamped and signed by whoever is in charge of the hotel at that time. You will then seek medical attention, especially because you can end up with viral and bacterial infections, as well as permanent scarring. Finally, contact the local health department, asking for the health and sanitation department, telling them to visit the site. Once you have done that, you will then need that report which they will file to pursue your lawsuit.

Your lawsuit can then move forward, allowing you to sue for all medical and emergency room expenses if any, and any future cost of medical care that you will need. You can also sue for pain-and-suffering, posttraumatic stress, and recovery time in the form of lost wages that they must reimburse you for. In short, the hotel is liable, along with all of their employees and the insurance provider when you file your bedbug lawsuit.

Is Spanking Considered To Be Child Abuse?

Spanking has been hotly debated by both parents and experts over the years. Some say that spanking is child abuse; others say that spanking is an effective form of discipline. Here’s what you need to know about the legality of spanking.

Is Spanking Illegal?

In the United States, it is legal to use mild physical force when disciplining a child. None of the 50 states have laws that expressly forbid spanking. However, many states have laws that restrict what a parent can and can’t do.

In Delaware, for example, Senate Bill 234 restricts parents from using discipline that causes physical pain to children. A light smack on the bottom should be fine, but hitting a child with more force may not be. Many other states restrict who is allowed to spank a child. In states like Mississippi, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, only parents or guardians are permitted to spank a child.

When Does Spanking Become Abusive?

In the majority of states, spanking is considered to be child abuse when excessive force is used. If a child is being bruised because of spankings, or if the child is being hit with an object, the spanking could be classified as abusive.

Most states frown on any type of spanking that causes injury to the child. Some states, like Arkansas, only permit spanking when it is done with an open palm. If you intend to spank your child, you need to be familiar with the laws in your state.

What Do The Experts Say?

Experts have conflicting opinions on spanking. While most child care experts do not classify mild spanking as abuse, few have found that spanking has a positive effect on children. Studies have shown that children that are spanked are more likely to defy their parents and develop anti-social behavior.

With that said, it is ultimately up to parents to decide the best way to discipline their children. It’s a good idea for parents to read up on the effects of spanking. Parents can decide how they would like to handle the discipline of their child.

Unless an excessive amount of force is used, spanking a child is not considered to be abusive. Parents are permitted to use a reasonable amount of force when they are disciplining their children.

However, spanking isn’t something that parents should take lightly. Every adult that intends to spank their child should be familiar with the laws in their state by consulting with a personal injury lawyer. Parents should make sure that their discipline techniques never cross the line.

More information about this was addressed in a TED talk:

Different Types Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The human brain is a pivotal organ in the body and is the engine that keeps everything running. A subtle change in balance can lead to severe concerns with one’s health and wellbeing.

The human brain is at its most fragile state after a traumatic incident has taken place. This can occur from physical impact, stroke, or a plethora of other health concerns. It’s important to understand how these brain injuries occur and what the treatment plan is after a physician completes their comprehensive diagnosis.

Types of Brain Injuries

A “brain injury” is an umbrella term used for various types of health concerns associated with the central organ. A physician will diagnose the patient based on the symptoms their showing and what the MRI/X-Ray displays. In general, there are countless paths a diagnosis can go and here is a list of traumatic brain injuries a patient can have.

1) Contusion
2) Concussion
3) Diffuse Axonal Injury
4) Coup-Contrecoup Injury
5) Anoxic Event
6) General Traumatic Brain Injury
7) Second Impact Syndrome
8) Shaken Baby Syndrome

How Do People Get Them?

A contusion or concussion can take place after physical trauma (i.e. hit to the head) takes place. It doesn’t have to be a major blow as it can also come from repetitive strikes (i.e. boxing, wrestling, MMA) to the head. The same applies to a Coup-Contrecoup Injury where the trauma takes place on opposite side of the impact.

Some cases will show patients have had a stroke and this can cause blood to accumulate in the brain. It is important for immediate action to be taken place when a stroke is involved.


What is the treatment for patients showing signs of discomfort or severe brain-related symptoms?

A physician will run a set of tests to make sure they’re diagnosis is accurate especially when it involves the brain. They will go through these tests repeatedly to ensure everything is as expected. Once this is completed, they will set up a treatment plan.

General pain medications are provided in the short-term. However, in many cases, surgery is the most important step in the procedure to alleviate stress on the brain and remove excess blood that might have accumulated inside. This is completed by a trained brain surgeon.

With injuries of this nature, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if the symptoms are minimal at first, it is essential to get out in front of this before it starts to have a negative impact on the body and causes it to shut down.

Faster action can save lives especially with patients who have had a stroke. You should call 911 immediately and keep them awake. Do not let them go to sleep. Do not give them any medications, food or drinks. Also, do not drive them to the emergency room – let an EMT handle it.

If you have been in an auto related accident and suffered a concussion, you can speak with a car accident attorney to see if you are entitled to help to pay your medical bills and other expenses you have related to your injury.

Signs You Are Dealing With Whiplash

Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident

Where you recently in an accident? If you were, you might be suffering from a myriad of injuries that might not have presented itself immediately after the accident. One common injury that does this is Whiplash.

What Is This Condition?

Whiplash is something that is fairly common, but people don’t always treat it because they think they are just suffering from sore muscles from being tense during the accident. Whiplash happens when you’re in a vehicle and are hit from behind while the vehicle isn’t moving causing the neck to move rapidly back and forth. It can also be caused by a sports injury.

Symptoms Of Whiplash

If any of these things are present after an accident, even if it’s a few days later, then you need to speak with your doctor.

    • Headaches
    • Stiffness and/or pain in shoulders
    • Fatigue
    • Visual disturbances
    • Weakness in arms
    • Back pains
    • Jaw pain
    • Neck stiffness and pain when moving
    • Loss of range of motion
    • Tingling or numbness in the arms
    • Rining in the ears
    • Memory Problems

There are also symptoms that come from “whiplash associated disorder” that you need to watch out for. They include anxiety, PTSD, drug dependency, stress, and any kind of disturbances to your mental health that came on after your accident. It’s reported that 30% of whiplash cases end up with whiplash associated disorder.

What Happens After An Accident?

If you had a bad accident and had to go to the hospital, they will run a few tests and may be able to diagnose you there. Tests include X-Rays, CT scans, and MRIs. These tests are to rule out any kind of injury that is far more serious than dealing with whiplashes, such as broken vertebrae, spinal fracture, or concussion.

Recovery time can be a few weeks to a few months and may involve expensive pain medication and physical therapy to increase the strength of your neck muscles. You will need to rest, ice your neck, wear a cervical collar, take muscle relaxants, prescription pain killers, and in some cases pain injections. You will have to perform routine neck exercises such as rolling your neck from side to side and rolling your shoulders.

Alternative treatments to whiplash include acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). We do recommend visiting a doctor to make sure you are getting proper treatment before resorting to alternative care.

Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs

With whiplash, you have to work on moving your neck around regularly or else you are going to end up worsening the problem. It has been shown that excessive rest and not moving can cause chronic symptoms that include losing your range of motion and feeling consistent pain.

If you have been a victim of a car accident or any other kind of accident that caused to you get the medical condition known as whiplash, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer. You might be entitled to compensation to help you pay for your medical expenses, recover lost wages and money for suffering from the emotional trauma of not being healthy.