Most Common Construction Zone Workplace Accidents

One of the most dangerous occupations that you can be in is the construction industry. It is a profession that can lead to many potential accidents. Although OSHA does its best to enforce safety and health regulations, there is no way that they can control what will occur. Many accidents are the result of negligence on the part of the owner of the company in charge of the construction project, whereas other incidents are simply part of the job. Things can happen that can lead to both small and large injuries, and even death, because of how dangerous the construction industry is.

What Are Common Causes Of Construction Accidents

Some of the most common accidents include falling from heights as a result of being on a scaffolding, a roof, or even a ladder. You can also be struck by objects that are being propelled, or that are falling from a greater height than the worker is currently at. It is possible to get stuck between materials or objects, and electrocution is also a possibility. Slip and fall accidents are also common, especially when working in conditions where precipitation is occurring. Collapsing excavation walls, and being injured with power tools are all potential reasons that construction workers can be injured.

How Can A Construction Worker Get Compensation For These Accidents?

Compensation can come in many forms. For example, if a worker has been injured, they typically file a Workmen’s Comp claim, allowing them to recover from their injuries and have all of their medical expenses paid. They will also be provided with money while they are unable to work, and this can be very expensive for a business. Sometimes employers will find a way to remove employees that are consistently getting injured. It is also possible that the injuries could be significant, causing permanent damage, forcing the employee to file a lawsuit for what has happened.

It is possible for construction workers to receive very large settlements for injuries they have sustained while working at a construction site. These cases are actually very easy to win if it can be shown that the employer was using unsafe strategies that led to the incident that caused the injury. Negligence of safety rules, or forgetting to do safety inspections, can also be in the favor of the injured construction worker. By contacting an attorney that works specifically with construction workers, it is possible that they may be able to get some type of compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

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