Different Types Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

The human brain is a pivotal organ in the body and is the engine that keeps everything running. A subtle change in balance can lead to severe concerns with one’s health and wellbeing.

The human brain is at its most fragile state after a traumatic incident has taken place. This can occur from physical impact, stroke, or a plethora of other health concerns. It’s important to understand how these brain injuries occur and what the treatment plan is after a physician completes their comprehensive diagnosis.

Types of Brain Injuries

A “brain injury” is an umbrella term used for various types of health concerns associated with the central organ. A physician will diagnose the patient based on the symptoms their showing and what the MRI/X-Ray displays. In general, there are countless paths a diagnosis can go and here is a list of traumatic brain injuries a patient can have.

1) Contusion
2) Concussion
3) Diffuse Axonal Injury
4) Coup-Contrecoup Injury
5) Anoxic Event
6) General Traumatic Brain Injury
7) Second Impact Syndrome
8) Shaken Baby Syndrome

How Do People Get Them?

A contusion or concussion can take place after physical trauma (i.e. hit to the head) takes place. It doesn’t have to be a major blow as it can also come from repetitive strikes (i.e. boxing, wrestling, MMA) to the head. The same applies to a Coup-Contrecoup Injury where the trauma takes place on opposite side of the impact.

Some cases will show patients have had a stroke and this can cause blood to accumulate in the brain. It is important for immediate action to be taken place when a stroke is involved.


What is the treatment for patients showing signs of discomfort or severe brain-related symptoms?

A physician will run a set of tests to make sure they’re diagnosis is accurate especially when it involves the brain. They will go through these tests repeatedly to ensure everything is as expected. Once this is completed, they will set up a treatment plan.

General pain medications are provided in the short-term. However, in many cases, surgery is the most important step in the procedure to alleviate stress on the brain and remove excess blood that might have accumulated inside. This is completed by a trained brain surgeon.

With injuries of this nature, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if the symptoms are minimal at first, it is essential to get out in front of this before it starts to have a negative impact on the body and causes it to shut down.

Faster action can save lives especially with patients who have had a stroke. You should call 911 immediately and keep them awake. Do not let them go to sleep. Do not give them any medications, food or drinks. Also, do not drive them to the emergency room – let an EMT handle it.

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