Getting Hurt At Work: Who’s At Fault?

Getting hurt is never a good thing and if you get hurt at work, you might be wondering what your next steps should be. You are probably wondering who is at fault. Is it you? Or your employer? In most cases, your employer is at fault and you can get your medical bills paid and any expenses paid that are the result of the injury.

Sometimes you don’t have any protection for your injuries sustained on the job. If you are an independent contractor or railroad worker, you are going to have to take care of your injuries yourself. You could also on the hook for your own expenses if you were very negligent on the job or blatantly ignored safety rules. Your employer could actually sue you in this case.

In the vast majority of cases, your employer is going to be at fault and your expenses are going to be paid for through workers’ compensation insurance. Work related injuries happen on the job and they are the result of carrying out your job duties. If you cut yourself with a knife on your lunch break in the cafeteria, that injury would not be considered to be job related.

Your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover claims and you can file a claim for benefits if you are injured. Sometimes employers don’t have this coverage and if you are injured and your employer doesn’t have insurance, you can sue your employer. If you do end up suing your employer, you are going to be eligible for compensation for your injuries, loss of income, pain and suffering and any other financial concern that is related to your injuries.

Sometimes you get injured and you think you are fine, but you start to experience problems months or years down the road. If these injuries are work related, you will want to see a lawyer and see what your case is worth. You might find that you have a case that is worth quite a bit of money and that your employer is liable for your injuries.

Getting hurt at work is stressful, but in most cases your injuries are going to be covered by your employer. If they aren’t, you should see a lawyer to see if you have a legal claim against your employer so you can get your medical bills paid.

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