Who Is Liable For Bed Bug Injuries At A Hotel?

If you have been to a hotel, one that was infested with bedbugs that caused you to be severely bitten, you might wonder what recourse you have as a result of these injuries. Bedbugs actually feed off of the blood of a host, and while you are sleeping at night, they will literally drilled into your skin. You may wake up with lines of bumps that will become extremely itchy, something that can be both irritating and an inconvenience. You may wonder what you can do in order to rectify the situation if you would like to contact the hotel. Here is a brief overview of who is liable for bed bug injuries at a hotel, especially if you are the victim.

Can You Sue For Bed Bug Bites?

From a basic perspective, every hotel owner, and the managers are responsible for providing patrons of their hotel with a safe place to sleep. However, it is becoming more common for people to experience bedbug bites after staying at even some of the most expensive hotels in the nation. There are laws that exist, especially over the last few years, as this problem continues to get worse. They are designed to protect the rights of those that will stay at these hotels, especially from bedbug infestations. Under these laws, similar to how you can sue a business if you slip and fall, you can also sue a hotel for bed bug bites. Personal injury lawsuits can be filed by a lawyer, specifically addressing the hotel as the liable party which will include the owner of the hotel, managers, insurance carriers and even the staff.

How Do You Proceed With This Type Of Lawsuit?

You can proceed with this lawsuit by first gathering evidence which will include pictures of the bedbugs that are in the bed, mattress, and even on the carpeting and furniture. You need to take pictures of the bite marks that you have, and then ask the manager of the hotel to send a representative of their company to notate the issue. They will then need to provide you with a report of what has happened, officially stamped and signed by whoever is in charge of the hotel at that time. You will then seek medical attention, especially because you can end up with viral and bacterial infections, as well as permanent scarring. Finally, contact the local health department, asking for the health and sanitation department, telling them to visit the site. Once you have done that, you will then need that report which they will file to pursue your lawsuit.

Your lawsuit can then move forward, allowing you to sue for all medical and emergency room expenses if any, and any future cost of medical care that you will need. You can also sue for pain-and-suffering, posttraumatic stress, and recovery time in the form of lost wages that they must reimburse you for. In short, the hotel is liable, along with all of their employees and the insurance provider when you file your bedbug lawsuit.

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