Who Is Responsible when an Accident is Caused by Faulty Vehicular Components?

Obviously, driver error is the primary cause of all vehicular accidents, even if the fault is poor maintenance. Nevertheless, there are a few instances where an accident is caused or made worse by the fault of defective vehicular components.

When this happens the family or victim may file a product lawsuit against the car manufacturers.

Some of the most common faulty vehicle equipment that can cause serious accidents and injuries:

1. Airbags

Airbags are designed to inflate rapidly and protect the driver and passengers from serious injury, but, if these malfunction they can cause serious injury. Even if the accident is your fault if the airbags fail to open you can be seriously injured. The same holds true for airbags that inflate at the wrong time.

If the slightest tap or rough speed bump causes your airbag to inflate it can cause injury or even an accident. Finally, airbags should be designed to mitigate the injuries in an accident not make them worse. If the airbag inflates too quickly it can snap the neck in an awkward position and cause serious injuries.

2. Seatbelts

Seatbelts are also meant to keep the occupants of a moving vehicle safe in the event of a collision. If they were to come undone upon impact the lives of the driver or passenger can be in danger. This can be caused by a faulty buckle that released upon impact or a shoddy design that breaks or fails during impact.

3. Roofs and rollovers

All cars today must meet certain specifications for safety in the event of a rollover. If the safety roll bars in the car’s frame are compromised, the interior of the car is no longer safe. A rollover can mean death or serious injury for the occupants in the car.

4. Brake Failure

The brakes could fail by taking a car for crucial brake service at an inexperienced mechanic. This can cause no end to serious accidents.

5. Power Steering Failure

While this does not entirely remove the capacity to control a car, when the power steering fails it can be very difficult to steer a vehicle and this can result in an accident.
Final Notes on Faulty Vehicle Equipment

There are a few other faulty components that can cause or aggravate a car accident and injuries sustained. If you have been the victim of faulty vehicle equipment it is essential to gather all evidence of the accident as you can. Seek out the counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you find compensation.

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