Who Is Responsible For Injuries Incurred From Mass Transit Accidents

Mass transit is one of the most important resources that we have. The mobility of people plays a huge role in the growth of our country and the sustenance of our development. Close to home, mobility is a key ingredient in our personal success. To have access to mass transport systems means that you are in a position to move to your place of work, schools, or any other place efficiently and cheaply.

However, even with all the benefits that these systems accord us, in certain instances, they endanger us. Case in point, instances of mass transit accidents. Incidents of accidents on transit systems are, unfortunately, quite common. Accidents such as collisions or slipping and falling are common among users of transit systems. Such accidents may lead to sprains, torn ligaments, lacerations, abrasions, back injuries, broken bones, scarring, brain concussions, and in worst cases they result to death.

When faced with such cases, you are entitled to compensation under the law. So, who is responsible for injuries that you get from a mass transit accident and by extension, is responsible for the compensation that you are entitled to.

To understand this matter, you need understand that the mass transit operators are charged with the duty to ensure the safety of the users. Under the federal and state laws, operators of all the mass transit system should take steps to negate the possibility of their clients suffering from any injury. Such operators include subway, ferries, trains, trolleys, water taxis, buses, and many others. These carriers, they should:

#1. Hire qualified personnel,
#2. Provide security, and
#3. Monitor, maintain and correct the vehicles they have and operate.
#4. Ensure the entry points and the exits are safe for passengers.

As such, the carrier of the particular transit system in which you get injured is therefore charged with the responsibility of the injuries incurred. This is especially when the result of the accident is due to the operator negligence or operator error. Therefore, when the operator fails to meet their responsibility in as far as operating the transit properly, they are held liable.

However, you should note that there is a statute of limitation on making claims for injuries resulting from a transit system. In many cases, the limitation is usually between one and five years. Additionally, if you have such claims, you should ensure you have good personal injury law firm as many of these operators have very good lawyers.

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