Three Ridiculous Personal Injury Cases

Not everyone that files a personal injury lawsuit has a valid case. There are some personal injury cases that are downright ridiculous. These cases may seem too bizarre to believe, but they are completely real.

The Killer Whale Case

Most people would never try to get close to a creature like a killer whale. The word “killer” is more than enough to scare the average person off. However, in 1999, one man decided to sneak past security guards and dive into the killer whale tank at SeaWorld. This turned out to be a fatal mistake.

Unfortunately, the tale of this tragedy doesn’t end here. After the 27-year-old man passed away, his family filed a lawsuit against SeaWorld. In the suit, the family claimed that the park did not warn that the whales were capable of killing people. They claimed that the plush animals sold by the park were misleading. The lawsuit was eventually dropped without a settlement.

Injured By The Weatherman

Most people know that the weather forecast isn’t completely reliable. However, at least one person has gone so far as to file a personal injury lawsuit against a weatherman and his predictions.

While the weatherman predicted warm, sunny weather, it wound up raining heavily that day. A woman filed suit against the weatherman, claiming that his forecast caused her to dress inappropriately for the rainy weather. After she was caught in the rain, she wound up catching the flu and missing work.

Shockingly, this case wasn’t dismissed. Israeli courts awarded this woman $1,000 in damages. Now, weathermen in Isreal are a lot more cautious about the predictions that they make.

The Haunted House That Was Too Scary

When people go to a haunted house, they generally expect to be scared. However, one woman that visited the House of Horrors in Universal Studios thought that the scares were too much to handle. After she exited the attraction, she filed a lawsuit, claiming that she had sustained psychological trauma.

Unsurprisingly, the case was dismissed early on. The courts stated that anyone that visited an attraction called “The House of Horrors” should be prepared to be frightened. Since the woman chose to enter the haunted house, she did not have a valid personal injury claim.

While most personal injury cases are perfectly reasonable, there have been a few cases that are downright bizarre. There are people that will file a lawsuit over absolutely anything. Luckily, the majority of these cases get dismissed.

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